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        To human science and technology, clean urban environment
        A technology and quality of the leading city equipment
        • Property
        • Municipal administration
        • Park
        • Factory
        • Sent to Yanji
        • Sent to Hohhot
        • Sent to Harbin
        • Sent to Nanjing
        • Shanghai sent to Pudong Cambridge sanitation single barrel garbage transport vehicles 10
        • Electric washing machine (back barrel type) 12 sets of electric washing machine in Xi'an
        • Sent to Shanghai Zhabei District city sanitation electric sweeper (low dump) 12 vehicles, electric sweeper
        • 15 diesel engines for the Xi'an hi tech Zone
        • Shanghai green guide Station acceptance 15 cleaning machines
        • Electric cleaning vehicle for the Expo Park 15
        • Chengdu Johnson century electric sweeper
        A technology and quality of the leading city equipment
        Enterprise events
        Qualification patent
        corporate culture
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